Web design to harness the power of the Internet

Maiden Software makes the Internet work for you. Our Internet expertise coupled with bespoke solutions designed to meet your needs will increase your customer base, cut your administrative costs and widen your profit margins, thereby helping you to realise a swift return on investment.

There are a multitude of software companies that offer fully developed applications to which your company is expected to adapt to.

At Maiden Software, we do things differently. We do not expect you to change your business processes to fit our software. Our cutting edge yet affordable Internet solutions are built around you, tailored to your individual requirements and designed to give you the competitive edge you deserve.

With our solutions, your business will automatically develop and become more efficient. You will see an increase in customers to your web site a huge reduction in administrative time and expense in processing those customers therefore enabling you and to take on new responsibilities and challenges.

With Maiden Software, expect to:

  • Increase your visibility on the web through managed or DIY search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Automatically gather prospects emails that visit your site
  • Chase prospects with self-defined emails at times of your own choosing
  • React to market changes and advertise new products and deals without delay through a bespoke content management system
  • Produce instant online-generated documents for your customers without production, administrative or postage costs
  • React to your customers' requests quickly through notification of activities on your website & application forms, timesheets etc
  • Integrate with payment gateways for e-commerce


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