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"I can't believe the effect that having a Maiden Software web solution has done for my business. I used to have an 'ordinary' website and now, I have one that not only sets me apart from the competition - it also does business for me."

"Not only has the system saved me tens of thousands of pounds in administration costs, the flexibility of the solution has helped me get to the first page of Google, thus driving traffic to my site. The system Maiden Software created for me is critical to the ongoing success of my company and is underpinning my future financial strategy for the business, it truely is a customer magnet that does for me exactly what Maiden Software said it would!"

"Within three months of my website going live, I had recouped my investment through new orders. And the way that Maiden software has designed my solution means that I can now export the email addresses of every prospect my website has accumulated. Recently, I emailed 860 prospects with a cross-marketing opportunity and within 24 hours, I was completing a £600,000 deal. My marketing outlay was £0! And another 10 potential deals from this mail shot followed in the next 48 hours."

Mark Flower - Managing Director,


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